(SingSong)Rice & Soybean Paste Soup-Cabbage / 164 G

JAYONE ITEM# : 35351


Instant rice (150 g) : Rice, Acidity regulator(Glucono-δ-lactone). Soybean paste soup with Outer leaves of cabbage (10 g) : Soybean paste(Soybean, Wheat flour, Salt, Wheat, Fermented soybean), Cabbage, Green onion, Corn syrup, Red chili paste, Onion, Red chili, Kelp extract, Anchovy extract, Potato starch, Rice powder, Garlic, Anchovy flavor, Umami enhancer-1(Maltodextrin, yeast extract, Glucose, Salt), Spicy seasoning(Soy sauce powder, Salt, Yeast extract, Garlic, Chili powder, Corn syrup, Onion, Sugar, Ginger), Flavor enhancer 1(Disodium 5’-Ribonucleotide) Soybean paste powder (4 g): Seasoned soybean paste(Soybean paste, Dextrine), Soybean Powder, Dextrine, Cornstarch, Salt, Soy sauce powder(Soy sauce, Dextrine, Salt), Dried bonito powder, Kelp powder, Dried seaweed, Silicon dioxide, Flavor exhancer 1(Disodium 5’-Ribonucleotide), Dried green onion, Ctric acid, Seasoning(Shitake extract, Kelp extract, Soy sauce, Ctric acid, Salt, Dextrine), Flavor exhancer 2(Disodium Succinate)